The yoga bunny wishes you a relaxing & joyful long weekend! May this time allow you to align your own energy with the natural rhythm of nature and celebrate Autumn. How? Go for a walk or sit alone outside to contemplate nature’s delightful spectacle as it makes its way to its dormant phase…

Meditation for Autumn
to calm, steady & focus the mind

♥ Start by bringing your awareness onto the natural flow of your breath and observe the gentle rise and fall of the lower abdomen with each in and out breath.

♥ Now bring your awareness to any and all thoughts that arise in your mind. Simply noticing them without reacting to them.

♥ Every time a new though arises, acknowledge that thought. Then visualize that you are placing the thought onto a leaf and watch it flow by on a stream, letting go of the thought.

♥ Repeat until all thoughts have dissolved… and enjoy the stillness of your mind…


Autumn Heart