Yoga One on One

Yoga One on One

Yoga is for everyone and everyone can (and should) do (or at least try) yoga regardless of shape, age, size or bendiness! Whether you are new to yoga, already an experienced practitioner or working with a specific health issue, you will greatly benefit from a yoga session one on one. In private tuitions, yoga is tailored to your unique you, while you can enjoy a quieter, more intimate yoga experience and ask any questions along the way.

The best way to start or grow your yoga practice

Being totally new to yoga, the prospect of taking a class for the very first time can be intimidating. A one-off consultation may just be what you need to demystify the practice of yoga. Or you may want to learn the basics first to gain enough confidence before making the big jump into a public class.

Already experienced with yoga, you would like to deepen your experience: refine your alignment in certain poses, learn modifications and adjustments to suit your own body, explore pranayama, meditation, start a home practice… Or you might simply be too busy to commit to a studio class and need more flexibility!

Specific health circumstances require particular attention and guidance. While yoga is for everyone, not all yoga practices are recommended depending on your personal situation. In a private tuition, we address your needs in a thoughtful manner and with great care.

Doing yoga with a group of friends is fun, and much more intimate than a classic studio setting! In our modern society, everyone struggles with time. Practicing yoga with friends is a great way to spend a privileged moment with the people you love, as well as be more disciplined with your regular yoga practice.


A 60 minute private yoga session in the comfort of your own home costs:
• $90 for 1 person
• $110 for 2 persons
• From $120 for small groups

All you need

A 60 to 90 minute time-slot.
A suitable space at home, your garden or a park in Summer.
A mat (we can provide one).
Comfy clothes, no footwear required.

Let's celebrate!

Because every yoga practice is a celebration, you can organise a one-off class for a birthday party, a wedding or a private function! The class can be asana focused, deep relaxation, meditation or a mix, you decide. You will be invited to choose a theme that will be beyoutifully woven into the practice!