Be yourself.

Yoga is for everyone, and everyone can (and should) do yoga. Here is the thing: if you are stiff, stopped counting the candles on your birthday cake or do not own an expensive pair of leggings, congratulations! You make a pretty good candidate to start yoga. Surprising? Not so much. Yoga by nature is inclusive, and so are we! We welcome everyone and cater for all needs.

Be unique.

Yoga is neither a sport nor a performance. In yoga, competition has no place. It is one thing to be inspired by someone else’s practice but something else entirely when we make comparisons. Yoga is for all but not all yoga asanas are for everyone. Or at least not without a little modification. Yoga is about letting go of the ego driven mind, it is about accepting who we are. Two central themes in our teachings. Everyone of us is unique, this uniqueness is a precious gift, let’s not fear to express it!

Be at peace. 

Yoga is a vast and continuous practice, a very powerful one. There is a lot to explore beyond the yoga asanas and we honour that. The ancient wisdom and philosophy of yoga is fully part of what we teach, we simply don’t believe it can be isolated. Practiced as a whole, yoga is truly transformative. We start feeling better, healthier, happier. We feel at peace. And from that place, we can grow.